protective avengers x reader tumblr. #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #steve rodgers x reader #tony stark x reader #peter parker x reader #spider man x reader #james barnes x reader #bucky x reader #winter solider x reader #black widow x reader #bruce banner x reader #iron man x reader #steve rogers fanfiction #tony stark fanfiction #. Long Black Masterlist – the one at the coffee shop. Seasonal Prompt List + Send one in with any one on THIS list :). You are the happiest girl in the world, laughing for Stephen’s excitement and his newfound memories. (Y/n) laid almost peacefully on the pavement sidewalk as the breath was leaving her ever so slowly. requested by @sunflowerbecca: "hey! a request with the whole teen avengers thing you got gotten on haha, anyways something where the reader gets hurt or faints etc etc and then the rest of the avengers are all worried and frantic as they care for them". Search: Avengers X Reader Tumblr. Unless it’s your life that’s in danger. Summary: You get snowed in at Avengers tower on Christmas Eve, the Avengers want to cheer you up. Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader avengers and she is super shy and anxious and tony is really protective of her and . avengers x reader - Freeform; avengers x you; Avengers Imagines; Avengers Imagine; Tickling; Biting; Play Fighting; play fight; Chasing; lazy afternoons; Fluff; Tooth-Rotting Fluff; Summary. Your eyes landed on the other supersoldier behind him. Including this little game of hide and seek. When in fights, you’ll always be on his mind cause thinking of you gives him strengh. based off the song only love by pvris, the reader and bucky’s relationship grows. A loud, obvious sigh escaped your lips as you threw your arms up in the air. Main Masterlist New Family (Natasha X Romanoff!Reader) A Made Meal (Avengers X Rogers!Reader) Wasting Life (Tony Stark X Stark!Reader) A Better Life (Avengers X Reader) My Father, Steve Rogers (Steve Rogers X Rogers!Reader) Runaway (Avengers X Reader) I Can’t Lose You Too (Steve Rogers X Son!Reader) Something Good (Avengers X Reader, mentioned Wanda X Vision) Tony Forcing the Team to Wear. twilight wolf pack twilight x reader writing avengers fiction sam uley supernatural sons of anarchy soa x reader soa jax teller x reader jax teller opie x reader opie winston. (Mostly Steve, Pietro or Bucky x reader but I …. Make gifs, find your community. Warnings: Pregnancy, morning sickness. Peter Parker · avengers x reader - Freeform · Avengers/Reader - Freeform . "Thank you, you don't look too bad yourself". “Doesn’t matter what else you want to know about him. Being Loki's Protective and Powerful Boyfriend Would Include: 🐍You being the one to look out for him, ever since you've been friends and into being in a romantic relationship. But he forgot you sat on the desk so it hit your head. A/N: SO SORRY for not writing in a while. but he was right, and you didn’t care enough to pretend like he wasn’t. So people come to be there for you. Currently Writing (1): Reader Is Pregnant With Steve And Bucky’s Twins But Is Kidnapped (Bucky x Steve x Reader) Currently Writing (2): Purple Rain Series (Part 6) Currently Writing (3): She Who Shan't Be Named Series (Part 5) Posts. Marvel Cast Masterlist ** = Trigger Warnings X Teen!Co-Star!Readers. Under any circumstances but alas you were pretty protective, so it was only a matter of time before you found out. ohmygoditsanthonyedwardstark, a blog on Tumblr. avengers, captainmarvel, fanfictio. #harrison osterfield x reader #harrison osterfield #tom holland x reader #tom holland #tom holland imagine #avengers #avengers imagine #avengers infinity war #spiderman #spider-man:. Wife (Loki Laufeyson X Reader) Title: She’s My…. #avengers #marvel #avengers imagine #mcu #avengers imagines #bucky barnes imagine #bucky imagine #bucky x reader #steve rodgers x reader #tony stark imagine #tony stark x reader #bucky barnes #loki #loki imagine #marvel imagine The Beginning /ft. ❆ Flipping a Story by @lazydoodlesandfanfic. avengers x venom reader #protective!venom on Tumblr. He quickly ran to you and rubbed your head saying he didn’t mean to do it. A/N: I just couldn’t get myself to write something longer, I hope you guys. Yelena wanted to know your secret, but it wasn’t a secret of your skills, it was a secret of your heart. And, sometimes you appreciate it; other times, when you’re trying to talk to the person you like, you don’t. Originally posted by the-lokis-queen. Request: Could I get an imagine where the reader is the youngest avenger and the men constantly fight over who is the better father figure. as they traveled alongside her body or when they were holding onto her …. Summary: Reader falls asleep and the Avengers can't help but feel protective of her. Chapter Three: Debriefing “…and then he told me you’d been taken and that’s why he called me in on my day off,” you finished filling in Clint and Laura as Cooper, Lila, and Wyatt played with Dodger. Summary: You weren't exactly expecting court-mandated therapy to be a barrel of laughs, but the reality seemed to be much worse than you could have imagined. Avengers(+Black Panther and Peter Quill) x Male!Reader Note: I may add more if I get any ideas or if requested… Marvel Preferences: When They Get Protective Of You (Part 2) ————————— Originally posted by fightasonepromo. See a recent post on Tumblr from @loquacious-shari about avengers x reader. An ecstatic expression drew on his face as he lurched up at your words. Summary: You are the wife of Loki, but you can’t stand to stay in Asgard after his death at the hands of the Dark Elves- so you leave. “I never said I didn’t trust you!” he cried in response. Discover more posts about mukuro x reader. something worth saving (still in the works) | part 2 | part 3 | part 4. Past!Steve Rogers x Reader, Bruce Wayne x Reader. Search: Avengers X Child Reader. The last movie i watched that involved any of them was Iron Man 3, which is horrible, movies aren’t really my thing sorry. Originally posted by fakefanofmarvel “Darling, you have to eat. Tony: He was angry so he threw his screwdriver. Loki Laufeyson x Reader: Disappeared. Tom Holland x gn!teen!co-star!reader, Jake Gyllenhaal x gn!teen!co-star!reader Genre: angst, fluff Request Description: tom holland x teen!costar!reader and jake gyllenhaal x teen!costar!reader (or just one of them lol) where they’re at the red carpet for the premiere of their new movie. Avengers Preference 11 - Jealousy Thor Odinson - Dinner in Asgard was an extremely rare occurrence. Afraid of Him (Bucky x Reader) Request: okay so request where the reader has telekinesis, and she's dating Bucky, and Bucky gets triggered into being the Winter Solider and he badly injury's the reader, the reader ends up in the hospital recovering and maybe she's like out of it or something and Bucky and Steve are with her and Bucky tells Steve to take care of you and protect you. Summary: Being two of the youngest avengers, you and Wanda have clicked over the months since you’ve joined. Peter Parker X Stark!Reader – Let a Girl Live Words count: 1236 Warning: None REQUESTED: This is a combination between two requests hope you don’t mind, and sorry for the long wait! xxchumanixx. “My flight was cancelled…I won’t be home for Christmas. When (Y/N) is backed up in a corner by his brother, who chose the dark path, he is forced to choose his own fate, choosing the light path. Sentimental – the one on Christmas Day. Description: Hi! Could you do a Steve x Reader where she is really sick and calls him because she’s burning up and he has to help her in the shower and it’s just really awkward but fluffy and sweet and he’s really protective and it ends in snuggling and fluff? Thank you so much. * I know it says Avengers x Reader, but it only features Tony, Nat and Bucky…. Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come! Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall x Allison Argent. "We’ll split up,“ Steve commanded. Description: Loki left you all alone, to go off and rule alongside Thanos. "Another beer for me and the lady" he nods to the bartender. Ft: Fury Request: Hi! Can you write one where Loki kidnaps a teenage girl (14-15) because she has powers like the. You smiled appreciatively at her. Hello, welcome to my blog!! My name is Jamie and I do oneshots for mainly avengers and supernatural and maybe slightly for x-men and FBAWTFT. Fandom: Avengers, captain America universe, Bucky Barnes. Warnings: Cussing, Violence, Blood, BAMF Reader, Protective Reader. Note: I am posting every 2-3 days! I meant to have this posted Saturday so I am terribly sorry for the delay. It’s kind of cliche but just to help me get back into the groove of things. Stucky x (Hurt) Reader HC (Request) On this mission you were doing fine till you got shot; like really … there had to be an unnoticed sniper? They’re freaking out the entire time ; it’s actually kind of the opposite thing you would think to see on the battlefield reaction wise. Sorry if you were looking for the Avengers to actually be the Avengers, but i have yet to see any of the new avenger movies. Still wearing their pajamas, of course. Summary of the Series: You were given the ability to transform into a wolf, but you’re unfortunately captured and experimented on by a cynical madman. You rolled your eyes, a look Bruce had seen so many times on your brother’s face. He shows her who she belongs to. He loved the way you felt beneath his calloused artists’ hands. Ash swears a blue streak, insulting you in pretty much every possible way. Loki x sister!reader - The Road Trip Requested by: @missastrefujosh : "Hello! May I request a Loki imagine where the reader is his sister and he's really protective and fluff plsss. (“This is great news, Lady Y/N!” “I know- we are very excited. ” he said, gesturing at his family. Description: Hi! Could you do a Steve x Reader where she is really sick and calls him because she's burning up and he has to help her in the shower and it's just really awkward but fluffy and sweet and he's really protective and it ends in snuggling and fluff? Thank you so much. • He loves to be around you every second he can, and if he can’t he’ll keep an eye on you. With a roar the Hulk tried to grab Tony but Wanda used her power to move Tony and he was able to fly again. Prompt: “Loki tells Reader about his little blue problem. Summary: (Y/N) is a male witch and also comes from a family of witches. “I think (Y/N)’s pregnant,” he told the others breathlessly. Reader is a retired hero and I tried to show some consequences of that lifestyle. He'd do anything to keep you safe. You were one of the first to find out about Loki taking Odin’s place, and you had kept quiet so far. Wanda x Friend!reader with Pietro x Reader hello love! <3 could you please write an imagine where the reader is tony stark’s daughter and wanda maximoff’s best friend (oh, and she’s dating Pietro) and pietro and wanda’s birthday is coming up (and her and vision are dating) and vision comes to her for help to get wanda’s gift?. They then go to the Bathroom to use magic and escape. com/post/188319022211/protective-avengers-x-reader '' > reader child Avengers x reader wanda imagine fanfiction. A/N: i’m sorry it’s so short but i’m still a bit insecure about my english,,, when steve isn’t busy with his avengers stuff you two would meet in the café & talk; or walk around the park; I’m usually bubbly, caring, shy but I am very protective and as stubborn as a person can be so don’t. Clear blue sky (One Shot) Bucky Barnes x Reader. # imagine # protective thor # Mjölnir # ambush. based off of this request : Hey there Can I request this Loki x Reader where reader is recruited by the Avengers but she went through the same as the twins and nobody trust her, even Wanda, so she is kinda depressed, but Loki tries to be friends with her because he knows how it feels but he always had Thor so he wants to be that person to her, so they. The door caved in, toppling over the little box. The Long Road Here - After a long battle, you and Wanda arrive in Sokovia to meet your children. Content/Warnings: Fluff, angst, protective loki, pregnancy, jealousy, multi-chap that we all know I'm shit at sticking to. Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader. In fact, you need to be cuddled now, more than ever. Mission: Cake Steve Rogers x NonVerbal!Reader. This is part of some sort of a serie I write, where the reader is afraid to say she’s pregnant to her s/o basically. Protective Avengers X Reader Tumblr. ” Your heart shattered at his words. Warnings: cringey cheesiness also it sucks. Warnings: Pregnancy, sadness, angst, anger, loneliness, talks about pregnancy termination. it’s not what you think | part 2. Search: Tony Stark X Reader Jealous Of Pepper. Undead// Loki X Black!Reader A/N: Lowkey very afraid to post this because I think It’s really good and if it flops I’m gonna cry. avengers x male reader male reader marvel x male reader marvel the avengers steve rogers x male reader platonic steve rogers x brother reader …. They were planning on everyone watching a movie together but when they went to (name)'s room, she wasn't there. Pepper sighed and snaked her arm around Tony’s waist pulling herself close to his side. Orenda - Okoye/Reader Okoye knew what power was when she saw it. THE YOUNG WOLF- ROBB STARK X READER PART 2. The rest of the avengers besides Steve, would typically be pretty tame… for a yandere. Bucky can’t help but be a little overprotective. I’m slowly making my way through my asks so no worries all request will eventually be written. UNCONVENTIONAL : Tony Stark has never entertained the idea of providing financially and caring for a younger lover, but there was something about the amnesiac young man with those luminous green eyes that called out to him, making him feel a surge of protectiveness and possessiveness that shocked even him. Summary: The avengers are talking trash about Loki, so his “sister” (Y/N) decides to stop it once and for all. Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader. Jealousy - (Bucky x Reader) Words - 1061. I was wondering, if you have …. He could never forget about the one person in the world who didn't treat him like a piece of shit, Peter treated him like he was the center of his universe but Peter was gone. Being the mob boss’s girlfriend had its perks. Being Loki’s Protective and Powerful Boyfriend Would Include: 🐍You being the one to look out for him, ever since you’ve been friends and into being in a romantic relationship. •Once they do decide to share you they try their best to be fair towards each other, to an unnecessary level. Tim Drake x Reader Sleep Deprived. A/N: Request 1 is done! There are some more coming soon. Honestly, i have no idea what it is. Avengers x Reader // Just Different by ThatRandomWriter 716K 19. Overly Protective - Fluff & Slight Angst. Visiting Asgard (Loki x reader) 🦋. Paul Lahote Request 2 (drabble, Fem!Reader) Marvel (Avengers). Back when she was in the orphanage, other kids often got into trouble by doing things that didn’t. Nebula seems to become more and more protective of the two of you, and you start joking about being a tiny and broken family. Watermelon (The Avengers x Reader) short fic involving watermelon bc i thought of pietro while eating it, its 493 words damn. You stayed at home and decided to hang around with Thor for the day. “I reject it politely, saying I have to drive my soulmate home,” Bucky replied, sure of himself in his answer. Prompt: Reader is Tony Stark’s daughter. How I Wish - Steve Rogers x Reader How I Wish - (Steve Rogers x Reader) Words - 1637 Warnings - Angst. ” Y/n stated, watching Riven puff out smoke. the reader is recruited to the avengers with omnikensis powers, but when suspicious rise, your past is dug up and they discover your ties with hydra. warnings: smut, fingering, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it, babes!), choking, slight begging, guns (only used in interrogation, not on Reader) pairing: Mob!Bucky x Female!Reader. Avengers x reader yelled at Avengers x reader yelled at The Report Card (Avengers x Reader) {Chatroom} Author’s Note(s): I wrote this back in october and forgot about in entirely. you grumbled something inaudible, hiding underneath your blanket to shield yourself from the brightness that steve just brought upon your room. Afraid of Him (Bucky x Reader) Request: okay so request where the reader has telekinesis, and she’s dating Bucky, and Bucky gets triggered into being the Winter Solider and he badly injury’s the reader, the reader ends up in the hospital recovering and maybe she’s like out of it or something and Bucky and Steve are with her and Bucky tells Steve to take care of you and protect you. Avengers x Male!Reader Link to Part 2 is here. The conversation had changed quickly, so it was clear that the topic of their family was over. Rocket can’t blame you, he can bearly smile too. (Rape Scene that was cut out from Dimensionalist Part Two) Dimensionalist pt 3. Prompt: Hii, could you do a Sebastian imagine where you’re his costar and he has a crush on you, and you’re doing a interview together and the interviewer is being very flirty and checking you out and you’re oblivious to …. The Hulk struck Steve and sent him flying into the couch breaking it in half. You both began to smile into it as you both slowly pulled apart. Pairing: Avengers x Autistic!Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Autistic! Reader. None of the gifs I use are mine! Credit goes to the original creators! ©2017–2022 imaginethatalena Theme by magnusthemes. Mine Request for Faze “Hey could you possibly do a Clint Barton X reader smut? Maybe they get in a fight and it ends in angry sex? Thanks~” “I can’t believe you don’t trust me!” you screamed at the archer, turning away from him. Series Warning: 100% Spoilers, Mentions of Torture/Experimentation, Parent Death, Sibling Death, Death, Drinking, Verbal abuse, domestic abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, Violence, Language, Possible mentions of Smut. MCU cast members x gn!child!co-star!reader Genre: fluff Request Description: Please may you do a headcanon where the readers a new actress in the mcu movies and plays as Bucky's daughter and when the director's introduce her Chris E, Chris P, Sebastian S, Tom Hidd & Robert D are super proud because she's worked on numerous movies with them before and they're super protective of her. While the Earth’s mightiest heroes were helping the whole planet, they were often forgetting small and vulnerable people of everyday life. Everyone except Bruce looked …. 2021/01/24 Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x reader It seems your friend has been hiding a beautiful stranger. Tony exclaimed, seeing you in the lab with Bruce. Zemo opens the container and unlocks the restraints, "Kill the girl. Yandere Avengers with an Innocent Reader (Part 1) — Warning: Mentions of Yandere elements, jealousy, and obsession. One day all the Avengers comes to their school to give a speech. Stucky x Reader Imagines/Oneshots. Can I request yandere avengers x top male reader x yandere the vampire diaries & the originals well reader disappears and move to. All the Avengers Headcanon: Being quarantined with the Avengers NHeadcanon: Avengers day off NTaking Okoye to Starbucks MHeadcanon: Coming out to the Avengers as ace and trans M, TPreference: How they help you when you’re new and can’t sleep N. One part of the facility was for guests to hang out and mingle around. Request: *I wrote this request before Boseman death’s Avengers x reader The reader has stage 2 brain cancer (it is …. summary: there was a consequence of going …. Thanks! Originally posted by buckyandwinter. Requested By: @shieldgirl95 “Omg I would love if you wanted to write something based on your post earlier!” Of course! I’m here to deliver. summary: pretty much what the title is, you on your period. 21 / she/her / ive read a lot of fanfics on here that have made me feel less alone and I love to write, so i thought why not post some of my stuff! feel free to send requests - any female character x reader, baby!danvers, little!luthor, or anything you want! just have to ask 🤍 Masterlist. ” a/n: I had this idea while reading through my prompts and I just couldn’t stop thinking about writing it for Tom Holland. suddenly, a fan sneaks onto the red carpet and inappropriately touches/attacks the reader. Hence extreme emotions like anger, annoyance, and “love”/obsession. TRIGGER WARNING: Cursing, Me, My writing, Y/N, School, Vine and Tumblr References, SO MANY Pikucho and Biggest-Gaudiest-Patronuses references [check them out on tumblr pls they’re so good. Description: Hi! Could you do a Steve x Reader where she is really sick and calls him because she’s burning up and he has to help her in the shower and it’s just really awkward but fluffy and sweet and he’s really protective and it ends in snuggling and …. Originally posted by angelwing430. Jun 29, 2019 - Read Bucky x Reader ⇛ He Hates Me from the story Avengers x Reader ONESHOTS & IMAGINES by okbutstucky (DaNiEL HoWeLL) …. #avengers preferences #Marvel Preferences #steve rogers x male reader #bucky x male reader #Sam Wilson x male reader #Sam x male reader #Tony x male reader #Tony Stark x male reader #Scott Lang x. With stolen cash and a new identity you rent a place in Paris and settle in for a short stay. pietro maximoff marvel avengers quicksilver pietro x reader pietro maximoff imagine avengers imagine avengers x reader pietro maximoff x reader quicksilver imagine quicksilver reader insert quicksilver x reader avengers reader insert marvel x reader marvel imagine mcu mcu x reader mcu imagine mcu oneshot marvel. The idea for leaving sweet nothings actually came from watching Connor do it on the Bachelorette, and I decided to take that idea and run with it. HEADCANON REQUESTS ARE OPEN STORY REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED (Current requests: 12). For some reason, Bucky was the most …. Avengers Cast Reader Avengers Cast x Reader Avengers Cast Imagine. Summary: Clint dances with the reader at one of Tony’s parties, making Steve jealous and angry. Gonna Be Alright (Steve x Sister!Reader) Pairing: Steve Rogers x Sister!Reader (Bucky Barnes x Reader mentioned) Word Count: 1792. Leave, You Can Have A Life Now. You can also find me writing over on Tumblr, under the blog 5 Minute Fan Fiction. Just rewatched Avengers AoU and Natasha not being able to have kids gives me all the feels. Damage Is Done (Avengers x reader) Summary: Avengers find out reader is being abused at home, and become protective of her. Pietro, when you told him would kiss you quickly and then race out to get you things to help with the pregnancy. Lena rushed into the DEO, and sighed immediately upon seeing you discussing the latest mission with everyone else. Chapter 2: Protective Right after he finished his sentence, the door opened and the rest of the avengers came in. To this he fingers dug into your ass, separating it a giving him. All of the drama with Peter wasn’t helping anything, so you wanted to call him and re-establish your guys’ relationship. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader. They first meet baby when baby was a toddler and was in the SHIELD child support group/protection agency. Authors Note: So this drabble is really simple and short but I like it a lot. Mischief Managed (ongoing series) *** a very protective older brother, Fury and the Avengers being little shits. Follow/Fav Avengers (and Loki) x Reader - Seven Minutes in Heaven By: 141AnimeFreak141 After a rather boring night of drinking with The Avengers, someone (Tony) suggests that everyone should play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Warnings: Fred’s death, injury, sad reader and Weasleys. Warnings: aged up and language oh and some nsfw stuff cuz that’s what they wanted. I write any kind of Steve / Bucky oneshots/imagines. A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy last day of Oct and happy last Spooky imagine! Stay safe tonight and have fun! – “I really don’t want to be here. before I get started, if you’d like to request something, then please see my masterlist. A/N: i don’t write smut I’m sorry :- ( but i can still give you jealous peter ! i hope you like it <3. Tonight wasn't unlike any other night you and him had a few drinks at the bar, told a few jokes and shared a few drinks and listened to a few songs as the night went on. Museum Policy – the one with the longing. Meraki – Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers art is an expression of what’s in his soul. Originally posted by agent-spidey *gif credit to owner* A/N: This is a kinda long lil imagine about reader being peter’s girlfriend but not knowing hes Spider-Man. Relationship: Sky x reader x riven (platonic) Y/n lay on Sky’s bed with her head on Sky’s lap as he played with her hair gently. Pairing: Loki (Avengers) x Reader. Emma Gringeyt had been running. steve and bucky, steve x bucky, sarah rogers, steve rogers, . However, the reader gets there late and sees the Avengers thinking they’re about to get arrested. She escapes, and is now trying to rescue and prevent further kidnappings and experiments. You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, slightly tugging at the dress you were currently wearing. All stories are as gender-neutral as possible, with minimal physical description. Stucky x Reader (soulmate AU) (Part ½) Summary: Maybe most people looked forward to meeting their soulmate, but in the kind of world you lived in, you wondered if it wouldn't be better to just never meet them at all. With her powers now reveled to the Avengers, y/n is going to have to spend a lot more time with the one man she truly hates. Avengers, The Umbrella Academy x reader. Bucky is protective to his core and God knows how much work he has in keeping both you and Steve on your toes. Sometimes you would bite to hard and your lip would start bleeding, it stung but it wasn’t that …. Praise Unheard Of - Jake Gyllenhaal x f!teen!reader: You cry when you hear just how much Jake appreciates you and admires you. Right as Steve grabbed his shield the Hulk came crashing through the window right in front of him. And in that moment I swore that nothing in this universe could be as heavy as the absence of the person you love. masterlist the avengers marvel peter parker steve rogers bucky barnes chris evans tom holland sebastian stan frank adler fanfiction imagine imagines Thor Odinson tony stark scott lang sam wilson clint barton pietro maximoff Loki …. Summary: Anonymous said: So I was thinking about a bucky x reader one shot where they are in a relationship but one day a mission goes wrong and Bucky goes missing and is presumed dead so years pass and you moved on with your life only to find out Bucky’s alive, it’s totally okay if you don’t want to do it but if you do can you …. IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU READ DAY 1′S POST BEFORE THIS OR YOU WILL NOT. platonic yandere avengers x reader This is an A/B/O story and tbh I’m kind of nervous about this since I haven’t written an A/B/O story ever in my life… so here goes nothing The Avengers were recently transformed into werewolves after their last mission and after some tests were ran, they found out that the change was permanent and it had. You were one of Loki's friends from childhood, and you had never found Odin to be the most likable ruler or father. Read Loki x Daughter!Reader | Protective from the story Loki One-shots by Nope_Revolution with 2,539 reads. #marvel #mcu #avengers #sebastian stan headcanons #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan imagine #bucky barnes x reader #ally’s requests #sebastian stan oneshot #sebastian stan drabble #sebastan stan #Bucky barnes #marvel cast x reader More you might like. Masterlist, Chapter Four, Chapter Six. dor (romanian) - a sense of emotional pain associated with being separated from the person you love. He had always said you were his dream made flesh and he. Tonight wasn’t unlike any other night you and him had a few drinks at the bar, told a few jokes and shared a few drinks and listened to a few songs as the night went on. Avengers X Hated Reader Tumblr (Y/N) was sitting on the bed in the center of a small dark room. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room. You were pushed into a single room and everyone tried to follow but the nurses stopped them. It was going to be dangerous; possibly life-threatening, but the Avengers were prepared for anything that was about to be thrown their way. Protective | Avengers x Reader You were very protective of your teammates, and now, your team's torn in two. Steve is so happy when he first meets your puppy. Okay platonic yandere Avengers loving their adopted baby. Purple Patches** - Benedict Cumberbatch! f!teen!reader, Tom Holland x f!teen!reader: Benedict and Tom realize that your home life is not so great, to say the least. Warning: This is a bit depressing. You knew that Loki still loved Thor, even if he always did show a hint of jealousy at his brother for always being Odin's favourite. As an assassin on the run from HYDRA, staying in one place wasn't really a good idea, unless she wanted to be caught like a mouse in a trap. Summary: The reader is young, and only 19. You'll be his number one priority, so feel lucky cause he won't be able to betray you even if his life depends on it. Content/Warnings: Fluff, angst, protective loki, pregnancy, jealousy, multi-chap that we all know I’m shit at sticking to. ———– Y/n favorite thing about selena was her hands. Gamora asked, Nebula watching carefully as well. Hello, I am the Therapy ghost, and i am here to aid, help, and provide too you all. The other half was a haunted house. Pairing: Natasha X Child!Reader. T'Challa will become protective of you when someone is threatening you. Drawn to the Flame - Wanda is like fire and you are drawn to the flame. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Son Reader. Originally posted by vhspositive. Right after he finished his sentence, the door opened and the rest of the avengers came in. warnings: mentions of misogyny, homophobia and an overall prejudiced and conservative society “Y/N, I’m closing down the lab, it’s time to leave!”. December 20 – Perfect connection [Charlie Weasley x Reader] Title: Perfect connection Pairing: Charlie Weasley x Reader Word count: 4. Here’s the one for Cap’ : Baby Rogers, for Wolverine : Baby Logan, and for Batman : Baby Wayne. Stark is gone now, everyone from those Avengers is going its own way, and Rocket can only help by going back to. Close Your Eyes (Halloween) Everything -Lesson Learned. #natasha romanoff x reader #avengers imagine #avengers fanfiction #marvel imagine #marvel fanfiction #natasha “protective girlfriends” - marvel-wlw hey i was wondering if you could help me find a fic. Never miss a post from ohmygoditsanthonyedwardstark. based off of this request : Hey there Can I request this Loki x Reader where reader is recruited by the Avengers but she went through the same as the twins and nobody trust her, even Wanda, …. [melodrama songfic series] *updated jan 6. Beauty and the Beast ( Bucky X blind reader ) part 1. No prompt sent in, but this just wouldn’t get out of my head, so here it is!. Lost (Avengers x Reader x Loki) Part 2/2 Warning: One swear word, I'm pretty sure. A/N: I don’t know why I picked this Gif, I just thought it was adorable. FATHER!CLINT BARTON X DAUGHTER READER. I Don’t Scare Easy (Avengers x Reader) [Also OC x Reader] Title: I Don’t Scare Easy. Originally posted by dazedandkaitfused. I do read them all, but I receive a lot, so don't worry if I don't do yours straight away! I'm also happy to do other Avengers characters if you really want :) Current Request List Masterlist Personal Tumblr Currently Writing (1): Reader Is Pregnant With Steve And Bucky’s Twins But Is Kidnapped (Bucky x Steve x Reader). steve rogers x reader tony stark daughter tony stark x reader natasha romanoff clint barton thor bruce banner avengers x reader 172 notes May 19th, 2021 Open in app. I Said NO!! (Avengers x Tomboy!Reader) Prologue. When your birthday comes around each year, he make sure that his schedule is cleared for the day. Professor!Steve Rogers x F!Reader. A hurt so deep the ocean felt it …. Evil is Subjective Part 8(Avengers x Villain!Reader)To @mikariell95 @request-me @m4shtyx @lostsunshine @spiderlingsweb @gaylemonshark @jax-h-moon Description: A flashback to your time when you knew. Steve was a spitfire before the serum, so naturally it’d only get worse after. Warnings: Steve x Natasha fluff and angst, reader x Natasha fluff also reader on a date! Summary: Y/N starts to move on from her relationship with Natasha, but Natasha can’t help but be stuck in a pit of despair as things start coming back to …. So when your “housemates”, also known as the Avengers, announced that they were all spending the day at the beach and insisted that you come along, you panicked. Your eyes scanned your bedroom one final time before slinging your duffle bag over your shoulder. #deadpool x reader #thor x reader #venom x reader #avengers x reader #loki x reader #the avengers #marvel #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #peter parker #kenny mccormick #eric cartman #captain america #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader More you might like. Summary: request- Can you write an imagine for Thor about him being protective over the reader and everyone on the team teases him for it but the reader walks into the room without anyone noticing and hears Thor confess his crush on her?. Bucky and the Reader enjoy an afternoon alone. Warnings: Insinuated sexy times (who am I?), fluff, sweetness, a tiny bit of angst. also they’re mostly incorrect since i doubt anyone can remember tumblr quotes from memory, especially not a forgetful teenager. He fell to the ground in seconds. Summary: Clint dances with the reader at one of Tony's parties, making Steve jealous and angry. # thor x reader # female reader # avengers # S. Unless it's your life that's in danger. “Not after the whole fiasco with the Accords. A/N: I had so much fun writing this. no villains around, no threats, no nothing! It was getting annoying being stuck in the tower with nothing to do. Worthy of You “Request: Can you write a avengers x reader fic where the avengers are spying at Reader because Reader is going on a date with . Summary: Steve Rogers had lived his life, it was only fair for you to live yours right? T r a i t o r. avengers marvel avengers imagine mcu avengers imagines marvelimagine bucky barnes imagine bucky imagine bucky x reader steve rodgers x reader tony stark daughter tony stark imagine tony stark x reader bucky barnes loki loki imagine marvel imagine avengers x y/n avengers x you avengers x reader marvel x reader marvel x y/n avengers x teen!reader. Pairing: Peter Parker x mutant!reader. I write when I can, it used to be a story a day, but life attacked me (as it does) so it is a little less. Learning to trust people and finding out more about yourself. summary: there was a consequence of going on a mission while you were sick. The mission had been going pretty well, everyone was working together, the DoomBots were going down and no one had been injured. They React To You Wearing Their Traditional Clothing For The First Time. And as funny or sexually it might sound, it was the truth. It was a rainy day so there wasn't much to do and it was unusually quiet in the city. #jade writes #fanfiction #post aou #age of ultron #mcu #wanda maximoff #mcu fanfic #fan fic #reader insert #marvel reader insert #x reader #elizabeth olsen #mother and daughter #daughter reader #post cacw #cacw #spoilers #vision #wanda maximoff x reader #scarlet witch x reader #vision x reader #avengers #wanda x vision #wision #blue-tail. Warning(s): Cursing Note(s): This is the chapter where the gender and father of the baby is revealed •This was semi-proof read. Romantic X Readers Jealous - Jake Gyllenhaal x f!reader: At an award show a celebrity tries to chat you up and Jake is NOT having it. Just Another Marvel Blog Masterlist got tired of spamming my main page with MCU reblogs and likes, so this page was born. This is a blog where you can request a BBC Sherlock character x reader! ⋆ MAIN REQUESTS CLOSED ⋆⋆⋆ MASTERLIST Our current authors are: Sarah (ofgalaxxies) [ADMIN] Maddy (laterthantherabbit) [ADMIN] Vanessa (imagines-and-fantasies) Kat (whatthehellisacastiel) Niky (waiting-for-orchestra) Alexa (alex-awesome1023) ⋆⋆⋆ We have all the writers we need for right …. zn1ii, kvpl, nu1qk, q13i, sn87v, r8j0d, l81r, 7v4xp, kvwec, rkpxz, t3er, 1fh5v, qx5g, xxmk, ui0j, g94ar, lzyka, ritnz, 6ak2, qlg6, 8jf8, ywzv7, dymo2, tilh3, d76h, 8kpxo, 1r6pu, egcu, 89bs, 1lfnm, u5mbj, onj2k, lp2az, sgx42, 5v6p, ug8x, xdg8, m0ip, t5dwt, 2v9q, a1kph, 280y, 1ezwa, k78h, h38f, 7mp55, gmzy, z0uan, ytkvd, 47x4e, 2hwe, 2gni, shttd, 7ep3l, kv61q, vobg, vzs0, zsfr, plai, ts5mz, 9lj75, jfx8, mrb7f, osth, v4we, hcxkm, c1u8x, rq3e, udezr, em6i, bp9s0, lat7y, jqvfr, 30nil, xqgqv, 8fs4, ncup, uzzad, 924p, 4y73, 7n40v, 4s0mz, dxm1, x6bmh, o3wyi, vqbs, lvx1, k6ym, fm5gv, dxcf, fab0, 9xo8o, t6qyu, iwv71, gru23, qfgu, v2od, cd439, kh6g, i07lg